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Make An Appointment: 702-445-7874

The Hang-Over Cure:

You’re in Vegas to have fun; lots of fun! This often leads to some not-so-fun mornings and hard to get-ready-for evenings. You know the feeling, headache, nausea, lethargy, weakness, dry mouth, moodiness, short attention span, extreme thirst, and so on. Whether you’re here for business or on vacation you cannot afford to waste any time not at your best.

When to PUSH the hangover-Imagine you’ve been out at the pool all day in the hot sun and want to head out to a club at night. Getting a PUSH before you go out will rehydrate you quickly and, presto, you are ready for your night on the town. Too much partying that night: get another PUSH! Now you won’t miss a thing, even if you have to be at that convention all day. It is never too late to PUSH your hangover away, saving your day, saving your vacation or saving your job. Get a PUSH before and after partying for the best results.

Getting a PUSH will not prevent alcohol toxicity, and any such activity should be kept in moderation, regardless of a pre-party PUSH or anticipation of a PUSH after such activity. However, getting a PUSH should allow you to recover quicker from the effects of too much sun, partying or other activities that cause dehydration. Rather than crawling around without help and spending your valuable time recovering from the activities you want to continue, we can PUSH you into fully maximizing your stay here in Las Vegas.



The Las Vegas environment causes a person to become dehydrated fairly quickly while laying by the pool, playing tennis, golfing, biking, hiking. Athletes and partiers who overexert themselves in an arid environment like southern Nevada require rehydration. A PUSH of intravenous (IV) fluid is the fastest way to deliver fluids throughout the body and correct dehydration and electrolyte imbalance caused by enjoying yourself a little too much.
 Our basic PUSH solution consists of sterile water with electrolytes, additional vitamins and medications can be added as needed. The benefits of getting a PUSH include rapid and direct replacement of fluid into the body, rather than waiting for absorption from the GI tract. If you suffer from the effects of dehydration (fatigue, nausea, headache, etc) you will often feel better with just one PUSH (one liter) of fluid.


· Top of the line equipment

· Luxurious massage chairs

· Flat Screen TVs in all private rooms

· Our licensed PUSH provider customizes the PUSH solution

· Any additional nutrients or medications specifically for your needs

· PUSH solutions prepared under the supervision of our medical doctor

If you feel you are moving to slow, call us and we will give you a PUSH in the right direction



Getting a PUSH should allow you to recover quicker from the effects of too much sun, partying or other activities that cause dehydration.